Blac Chyna’s BJ Partner Talks Sex Tape & Rob Kardashian!

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The man in the one minute and 23 second video speaks out…

As we reported, after Blac Chyna‘s sex tape leaked on social media, a rep for Mechie confirmed his appearance in the clip, which was filmed back in July.

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On Friday, the rapper did an interview with The Shade Room on Instagram Live where he reconfirms his participation in the steamy footage, and even reveals its backstory. He confessed:

“Basically, we were at the club and she’s like we need to link up so we did and then that’s what lead to the video happening.”

When asked if the former stripper was with Rob Kardashian during the time of the tape, he responded:

“No, she wasn’t with Rob. She left Rob the year before we met back in December… She was not with Rob when we linked up. She had the baby and had already moved out and dipped off from him… Rob is a real nice guy. I think he was just really hurt about everything.”

Although Mechie received considerable media attention for being with Chyna, he feels their relationship upstaged his music career.

“To be completely honest, it just got to a point where the so called hype and fame of the relationship was starting to get out of hands and overshadow what I had going on with my music and my brand. It was getting in the way of what I had going on… It helped me get more fans and followers around the world but it also hurt me because it tied me to her brand and a lot of people didn’t want to deal with a messy situation and she’s got a messy situation. I have my own label and I lost investors and sponsorship deals because I was tied to her. You gain and loose.”

While the artist claims he never had a copy of the tape, the mother-of-two maintains she was NOT the one who leaked it on the Internet.

The two dated for a couple of months, and ultimately broke up in August.

[Image via Mechie/Blac Chyna/Instagram.]

Feb 23, 2018 8:43pm PDT

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