Colton Haynes SLAMS Paparazzi For Following His Ill Mother To Her House

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Colton Haynes has had ENOUGH!

As we reported on Tuesday, the Arrow star revealed on Instagram that his mother, who has been in and out of the hospital since January, was diagnosed with “advanced cirrhosis of the liver & kidney failure.”

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Sadly, it is too late for her to receive a liver transplant, and doctors are urging the family to focus on her “quality of life rather than quantity of life.”

Unfortunately, after sharing the devastating news, the 29-year-old says paparazzi have gone to his mother’s house and are taking invasive snaps.

On Friday, the actor posted several angry messages on Twitter denouncing the photogs for their unethical ways. He wrote:

Our thoughts are with Colton and his family during this difficult time.

[Image via Media Punch.]

Feb 23, 2018 10:49pm PST

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