Justin Theroux’s Ex-Neighbor Is Siding With Jennifer Aniston In The Split — This Is Truly Bizarre

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Looks like Jennifer Aniston can count Justin Theroux‘s ex-neighbor as being in her court while the pair publicly splits up!

Norman Resnicow used to live next door to Justin in NYC, and he’s reached out with some truly bizarre claims about how Theroux used to make Aniston live in a “shit hole” apartment that “everyone” knew she hated.

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Resnicow — who, oh, wouldn’t you know it, is in the midst of a legal battle with Justin over some water damage in the apartment building — claims that “everyone knowns Jennifer hated the place” and Theroux apparently tried to force her to like the apartment, only breaking up with her when she didn’t.

Uh… what?

Further, Resnicow says he has a soft spot for Jen because she named her most beloved dog Norman. Hmmm…

This goes a lot deeper than Aniston, though, and as weird as it sounds, it all stems from Resnicow’s lawsuit against Theroux. See, Norman claims that water damage from Justin’s apartment has ended up in his living room, creating a moldy hell.

One of Theroux’s reps completely shut down Norman late this morning though, telling TMZ (below):

“Resnicow’s bizarre comments might carry more weight had he ever actually met Jen or toured Justin’s apartment, neither of which has ever happened.”


Oh, and for the record, Justin’s rep says the water damage did not originate in Theroux’s apartment, either, and Resnicow should take his beef elsewhere.

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We’ll se how that little legal mess unfolds, but the bigger picture here — the one with Norman on #TeamJen — is, uh, interesting?

Gotta love that one crazy neighbor!!!

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Feb 24, 2018 2:28pm PDT

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