Facebook Owes Kylie Jenner About $16 Billion For Her Snapchat Shade!!!

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OK, so Facebook doesn’t *legally* owe Kylie Jenner $16 billion for her shade of Snapchat this week, but if you do the math from the day she made her comments about Snap’s new app update, the money is staggering!!!

It’s not just that Snapchat lost about $1.3 billion in the couple days after Kylie’s criticism of the app… it’s also that in that same time frame, Facebook — and its subsidiary, Instagram, which has a stories feature that competes directly with Snapchat — gained $16 billion!


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Here’s the math, per TMZ — on the day Kylie tweeted about Snapchat, Snap Inc.‘s market value was $22.78 billion. Just two days later, it was down to $21.41 billion. Oops!!!

And Facebook surged at the same time, opening at $516.83 billion at the time of Kylie’s tweet and sitting at an incredible $532.86 billion two days later.

Yep… that’s a $16 billion surge!!! And the other shoe has dropped on Kylie’s Snapchat tweet!

Couple points here: Kylie, more so than most celebs and influencers, is REALLY influential on social media and also about the business of social media. This is wild!

Also… shoulda bought some Facebook stock. LOLz!!!

[Image via Instagram.]

Feb 24, 2018 12:08pm PDT

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