Airplane Passenger’s Carry-On Luggage Catches FIRE Aboard Flight — Watch!

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Use caution when opening the overhead bins as items may have CAUGHT FIRE!?

Overhead danger found its way on a China Southern Airlines flight on Sunday when a phone charger caught fire in a passenger’s luggage.

Travelers were boarding a flight from Guangzhou to Shanghai, China when smoke was spotted inside the airplane’s cabin — causing all hell to break loose.

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A video recorded by the passenger shows the bag consumed in flames in the plane’s overhead compartment while a flight attendant frantically tries to put it out.

What sparked the flames, investigators say, was the passenger’s portable phone charger — which can apparently cause fires when stowed away in certain carry on bags under certain conditions.

Several airlines have started banning some smart luggage over concerns about the batteries catching flames. China Southern Airlines should probably look into this policy, too.

Watch the scary incident go down (below)!

Feb 26, 2018 6:21pm PST

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