Ivanka Trump Is Angry You’d Even ASK Her About Donald Trump’s Sexual Misconduct Allegations!

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Ivanka Trump, a supposed supporter of the Time’s Up movement, says she sides with her father when it comes to the dozen-plus women who have accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct.

The first daughter and presidential adviser grew a bit testy when she was asked about the allegations during an interview on Monday’s Today show, saying she thinks even asking a daughter such a question about her father is “inappropriate”!

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She told NBC‘s Peter Alexander:

“I think it’s a pretty inappropriate question to ask a daughter if she believes the accusers of her father when he’s affirmatively stated that there’s no truth to it. I don’t think that’s a question that you would ask many other daughters.”

Well, many other daughters aren’t also White House advisers to their president fathers.

After letting her agitation be known, the 36-year-old unequivocally sided with the Cheeto in Chief, continuing:

“I believe my father. I know my father. I think I have that right as a daughter to believe my father.”

Sure you do! Though we’d call it more of a right to remain delusional.

Watch a clip of her interview (below):

*Sigh*… as if anything about Vank’s relationship with Daddy is “appropriate”.

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We get it, putting feminism before family is hard. It’s a line Ivanka has certainly been teetering over the past month.

In January, she tweeted in support of the Time’s Up movement then, weeks later, removed “advocate for the education and empowerment of women & girls” from her Twitter bio.

Now, we guess she’s traded that in for advocacy for the empowerment of POTUS. How appropriate.

The 36-year-old also voiced her opinions on gun control, specifically on whether or not she thought it was a good idea for teachers to be armed. She confessed:

“To be honest, I don’t know. I think that having a teacher who is armed who cares deeply about her students or his students and who is capable and qualified to bear arms is not a bad idea, but it is an idea that needs to be discussed… Obviously, there would have to be an incredibly high standard for who would be able to bear arms in our school. But I think there is no one solution for creating safety.”

And when asked about special counsel Robert Mueller‘s investigation, Trump’s daughter added:

Well, there you have it!

[Image via NBC.]

Feb 26, 2018 11:13am PDT

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