Sorry, The Old Groot Can’t Come To The Phone Right Now — Why? Cuz He’s DEAD AND BABY GROOT IS HIS SON!

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Guardians Of The Galaxy fans were mortified on Tuesday when they got some really sad clarification from director James Gunn.

In a Twitter debate between sci fi fans over whether they would save Baby Groot or an adorable porg from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the director weighed in that of course you’d save Baby Groot, who is a sentient being.

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When someone suggested that Baby Groot could just regrow himself like after the first movie, Gunn had to break the news all over again:

Fans with other interpretations did not want to believe it, but Gunn was adamant:

Fans were DEVASTATED! For real!

BTW, Gunn has explained before that Groot was dead and Baby Groot was a new person — in September 2016, in March, May, and September of last year — and every time it blows more fans’ minds.

But don’t think of it as the same clarification. Think of it as the son of the previous clarification. LOLz!

Did YOU know Groot was dead??

[Image via Marvel.]

Feb 27, 2018 8:57pm PDT

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