‘Girl With No Job’ Claudia Oshry Canned By Manager As HOMOPHOBIC Social Media Posts Also Resurface!

girl with no job is homophobic too

It seems Claudia Oshry (AKA Girl With No Job) totally deserves to get canceled.

In case you missed it, the Instagram sensation faced SERIOUS backlash after several racist tweets she wrote as a teenager resurfaced online. Not to mention, Oshry and her The Morning Breath cohost/sister, Jackie Oshry (@JackieOProblems), were exposed as the daughters of infamous Islamophobe Pamela Geller.

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Despite issuing a tearful apology, we find ourselves not feeling very sympathetic to Claudia’s recent plight. Why??

Well, because in addition to those resurfaced racist posts, we’ve found DISGUSTING homophobic tweets written by the self proclaimed Girl With No Job. Thankfully, we grabbed screenshots of the offensive Twitter posts, as Claudia and Jackie have deleted their accounts in an attempt to get ahead of the scandal.

See Oshry‘s LGBTQ hate for yourself (below).

Girl With No Job was also homophobic

Girl With No Job was also homophobic

Like, seriously?!? WTF!

Of course, Claudia’s hateful language didn’t stop there, as she continued:

Girl With No Job was also homophobic

Girl With No Job was also homophobic


Don’t worry, it appears that karma is coming back around for Claudia and co. As we previously reported, the viral star has been dropped by CAA AND her show with Jackie has been canceled by Oath. It’s since been revealed that Brillstein Entertainment Partners, the company who managed Claudia, has cut professional ties with the now controversial personality.

Girl, bye!! Fingers crossed Claudia and her family have actually learned something from this controversy.

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Mar 2, 2018 9:15am PDT

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