Donald Trump Trolls Hollywood Over Shitty Oscars Ratings — & Twitter Happily Reminds Him Of His Own Shitty Ratings!

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UPDATE 2:18 P.M. EST: Jimmy Kimmel has since responded to the Trumpster’s shade. See what he had to say (below).

The President continues to be a regular court jester!

In the past month, Donald Trump has joked about hiding his “bald spot,” his wife leaving him, and the general downward spiral of his presidency.

Now, he’s brought his brand of humor (anything relating to him) to his favorite subject: the seemingly diminishing influence of the entertainment industry!

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On Tuesday, POTUS commented on the very serious topic of the 2018 Oscars being the lowest rated broadcast in Academy Awards history, postulating that audiences didn’t tune in because Hollywood just doesn’t have *STARS* anymore.

The stars they lack? Donald Fucking J. Trump, of course! He tweeted:

Hold on, don’t get upset — the Philanderer in Chief made it clear he was totally joking! (But if the Academy wants him to host next year, he’ll do it in an irregular heartbeat.)

Like clockwork, Twitics responded with the President’s own dismal ratings — not to mention, the fact that he still clearly wishes he was a part of the industry he regularly bashes instead of the one he’s supposed to be championing.

See the reactions (below):

Just another silly day in America!

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Mar 6, 2018 12:27pm PDT

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