Kristen Bell JUST LEARNED That Her Pinworm Hell Is Far From Over!

kristen bell pinworm hell instagram announcement

Kristen Bell‘s pinworm hell is far from over.

As we previously reported, the Bad Moms Christmas actress recently revealed on Joel McHale‘s Netflix show that she and daughter Delta came down with a bout of pinworms. While the blonde industry vet joked about the incident on the chat show, it seems the health crisis was NOT fully taken care of.

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On Tuesday, the Veronica Mars alum took to Instagram to reveal that Delta had once again come down with the anal worms. Thus, her whole family was forced to dose against pinworms for a second time. Filming while on the floor of her bathroom, Miz Bell explained:

“I just want to explain to you what I’m looking at right now… It’s a piece of shit, literally. And at the top of it, is a little white pinworm.”


A, clearly, exasperated Kristen then went on to explain the irony surrounding the situation. She continued:

“Now, I thought we had rid ourselves of these. And the irony here is SO DEEP, because I did The Joel McHale Show, two weeks ago. We had pinworms three weeks ago. The DAY AFTER I post [about it], I find another worm… Like, are they following me?? I mean, are they listening through my phone just waiting to appear when I least expect it??”

Although Dax Shepard‘s wife doesn’t think she has pinworms again, the infection is VERY contagious. In fact, typically, two doses of treatment is done to combat pinworms. In a cute turn of events, Bell shared some audio of Delta talking about the “worms in [her] butt.”

See the transcript of the convo (below)!

kristen bell pinworm hell convo

Eek. We’re wishing the Shepard-Bell clan only the best during this health scare!!!

[Image via Instagram.]

Mar 6, 2018 3:17pm PDT

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