Michael B. Jordan Offers To Replace Girl’s Retainer After She Broke It During Black Panther Shirtless Scene!

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What can we say… Michael B. Jordan makes people want to do things with their mouths!

Over the weekend, Tumblr account @nitramaraho — who is apparently an orthodontist — reblogged two gifs of the Black Panther star, and shared a hilarious story about his 17-year-old female patient who got a little too excited during the film’s notorious shirtless scene.

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As seen on social media:

“one of my patients came in for an emergency visit, because she snapped the wire on her retainer watching the movie when MBJ took his shirt off she clenched her teeth so fucking hard she snapped it. that is the fucking funniest shit ever to me this tiny 17 year old girl thirsting so goddamn hard she busted steel”

On Monday, Twitter user @pixyrue identified herself as the steel buster, and was a bit pissed that her dentist exposed her to the world wide web! She wrote:

Even though the teenager was peeved, she saw this as an opportunity to get MBJ’s attention!

The next day, her wish came true as the 31-year-old stud saw her tweets, and offered to replace her fractured mouth-gear!

Not only did the incident garner nationwide media attention, it inspired some hilarious artwork!

Best trip to the dentist EVER!

[Image via Media Punch.]

Mar 6, 2018 6:51pm PDT

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