Sounds Like Britney Spears Is PISSED About Kevin Federline’s Child Support Increase Request: ‘She Pays For Everything’

britney spears pissed kevin federline child support request

Britney Spears is NOT happy with ex Kevin Federline.

As we previously reported, Godney’s baby daddy has requested an increase in his $20k a month child support stipend. As KFed has custody of his sons with Spears, Sean Preston (12) and Jayden James (11), the backup dancer wants more money as recognition for “the sacrifices he’s made.”

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An insider shared with Us Weekly:

“He could have threatened to cut off access to the kids, but has not.”

This legal move has, unsurprisingly, upset Britney. The pop sensation, who earned more than $137 million during her Las Vegas residency, doesn’t fully grasp Kevin’s reasoning. The tipster continued:

“She’s angry Kevin is asking for more money because she pays for everything. Those boys are her world. She is an amazing mother.”

It probably doesn’t help that the divorced duo have a “strained” relationship. Not to mention, while Federline DOES have custody of the boys, this arrangement occurred following her highly publicized breakdown over a decade ago.

In case you forgot, after her ’07 rough patch, Britney was placed under dad Jamie Spears‘ conservatorship and full custody of her sons went to Federline. Nonetheless, these days, the custody arrangement sounds pretty flexible:

“Kevin has always allowed for very liberal visitation. He has been supportive of her recovery.”

Apparently, Kevin and Britney split the boys’ time 50/50. Also, the Toxic singer prides herself on her parenting skills. The insider added:

“Yes, she has her career. But her job as their mom is the most important role in her life.”

Awwwwww. Still, the 39-year-old “thinks her success is in part because the boys have been in her life.” Fair enough.

At the end of the day, Britney feels that Kevin is asking for more money as he has four other kids to support. The confidant relayed:

“Britney feels as if she is paying for them also. His rapping and DJ’ing don’t pay the bills.”

Oh, that must be SO frustrating. Thankfully, Jamie is handling the situation and is making sure that his daughter isn’t getting taken advantage of:

“Jamie isn’t going to meet an outrageous demand. He knows how important the kids are to Britney and won’t allow her to lose them. Jamie has assured her this won’t become an issue.”

This is comforting to hear. We’ll be keeping Britney and her brood in our thoughts as she navigates this baby daddy dramz!!

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Mar 7, 2018 11:04am PDT

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