Jeffrey Tambor Accuser Reveals To Megyn Kelly That The Transparent Alum Allegedly Watched Her Sleep Naked

After hearing Van Barnes‘ side of things, Jeffrey Tambor sounds like the boss from hell.

On Wednesday, one of the disgraced Transparent star’s accusers stopped by Megyn Kelly‘s hour of Today to talk about her unpleasant experiences with the Emmy winner. As we previously reported, Tambor was fired from the Amazon hit after his former assistant Barnes and costar Trace Lysette hit him with allegations of sexual misconduct.

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Well, during her sit down with Kelly, Van went into further detail about what the 73-year-old put her through, including a claim that he used to watch her sleep naked. Barnes shared with Megyn:

“I worked for Jeffrey Tambor for just about two years, on Transparent, and a few other projects and movies. Continually, I was always harassed. It ran the gamut of sexual harassment, physical harassment, and verbal abuse constantly.”

How awful. To make matters worse, supposedly, Jeffrey regularly asked Van why they had not slept together. She continued:

“It wasn’t something I could always deflect, the sexual statements and requests.”

The transgender actress says she shared her body insecurities with Tambor, and he responded by saying he was “comfortable” with it after watching her sleep naked. Per Barnes, this violation occurred while they had lived together for two weeks during production. The complainant noted:

“It’s violating. It’s so creepy.”

Girl, you can say that again!!

Although Amazon investigated the matter and axed Jeffrey for his inappropriate behavior, Barnes thinks they only “partially handled” the controversy. Specifically, she is frustrated with the fact that the studio hasn’t “completed the whole process of helping [her] stand back up on [her] feet.”

Nonetheless, Van doesn’t feel a single ounce of guilt for whistleblowing, as Jeffrey “brought this on himself.” Speaking of Tambor, he still maintains his innocence against Barnes and Lysette’s respective accusations.

Be sure to watch Van’s sit down with Megyn for yourself (above)!

Mar 7, 2018 2:38pm PDT

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