Stephen Belafonte Hits Back At Ex Mel B With Claims She’s A Drug Addict & Alcoholic

stephen belafonte accuses mel b addict

Stephen Belafonte has made some DAMNING accusations about ex Mel B.

As we previously reported, the Spice Girls alum filed a request to keep her ex husband away from her daughter with Eddie Murphy, as he allegedly showed the 10-year-old “videos of ISIS beheading individuals.” Belafonte has since clapped back at the America’s Got Talent judge’s legal move, by dropping some troubling allegations of his own.

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Apparently, Stephen has filed his own documents, where he claims that Scary Spice is making up domestic abuse allegations in order turn his former stepdaughter against him. Oh, and the 42-year-old defends that Mel is the bad parent as she’s supposedly a drug addict and an alcoholic. These are some serious AF accusations to make.

Belafonte is trying to secure visitation rights with Angel as he’s been in the youngster’s life since she was a newborn. Reportedly, he feels more like a dad than a stepdad. Thus, he’s concerned about Mel’s mental health. According to TMZ, the British songstress is an addict who has walked into doors and has been hospitalized for overdosing.

The film producer went on to reference a 2014 incident in London where the chart topper bashed her head into a door. Per the El Lay native, Mel overdosed on drugs, was hospitalized, and received bruises from the EKG machine and IV. After her release, she allegedly made up abuse claims to cover up her behavior.

He continued by stating that Mel is often so drunk during the day that she walks into walls. At one point, Stephen says Mel pulled down her pants and tried to urinate on the couch in front of the kids.

As for Mel’s claims that he forced her into threesomes, Stephen says that his ex initiates trysts and verbally encourages the liaisons in taped footage he has. He also states that the ISIS-related accusation is a blatant lie, as he’s never searched such things. Suuuuuuure.

Stephen defends that even he pleaded with Mel’s therapist to cool it with the medication, out of fear she’d become the next Michael Jackson.

Like we said, these are SERIOUS claims to be making about someone. We’ll keep you posted if Mel B responds!!

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Mar 9, 2018 9:16am PDT

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