Russia, Ass-Kissing, & Torture! Why Trump’s Next Picks For Secretary Of State & CIA Director Should Scare You!

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You never think Donald Trump‘s team can get worse, and then you find yourself wishing you had the CEO of ExxonMobil back as Secretary of State…

That’s because the new pick, Mike Pompeo, isn’t just totally loyal to Trump in an alarmingly dictatorial way, that also seems to extend to loyalty to Russia. As CIA director, Pompeo has already put Trumpian spin on info from his agency, saying publicly they had determined Russian meddling hadn’t affected the election.

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The CIA had to issue a statement afterward saying the statement by their director was NOT TRUE; they had not done such an assessment.

It seems this kind of blind eye toward Russia is what Trump was looking for all along.

After all, it seems clear at this point now-fired-by-tweet Rex Tillerson, who survived for months after calling his boss “a fucking moron” was fired 24 hours after agreeing it appeared the Russian government was behind a nerve gas attack in Salisbury, England on a former agent and his daughter.

The U.K. is reportedly looking at expelling 23 Russian diplomats over the incident. Trump hasn’t even tweeted about it.

Why? In case you hadn’t noticed, TRUMP NEVER SAYS A BAD WORD ABOUT RUSSIA! He hasn’t even enacted the sanctions Congress passed.

It’s called not biting the hand that feeds. It’s like it’s collusion you can watch in real time.

And it appears this isn’t the first time Russia was the reason for a change in Trump’s cabinet.

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According to a post-election memo written by British spy Christopher Steele, it was Putin that told Trump not to appoint Mitt Romney, who was the frontrunner for Secretary of State.

He just wasn’t pro-Russia enough. So he became a meme for nothing:

As for the new CIA director replacing Pompeo, Gina Haspel has her own problems…

She apparently ran a secret CIA “black site” for torturing prisoners after 9/11 — which many believe led to bad intel from non al-Qaida members who made shit up just to not be tortured anymore.

Haspel also reportedly had a hand in destroying detainee interrogation tapes sought by the 9/11 commission, in violation of court orders.

Someone willing to obstruct justice. Trump really does pick the best people.

[Image via Ron Sachs/Chris Kleponis/CNP/Media Punch/CIA.]

Mar 14, 2018 2:46pm PDT

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