Criminal Investigation Launched Into Untimely Death Of French Bulldog Stored In United Flight’s Overhead Bin

criminal investigation launched french bulldog united death


As you’ve probably heard, United Airlines is facing ANOTHER scandal, as an attendant on flight #1284 forced a family to store their 10-month-old Frenchie in the overhead compartment. Sadly, the pup didn’t survive the flight and the family is, rightfully, outraged.

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Since the story has picked up a lot of steam, it’s since been revealed that a Texas district attorney is launching an investigation into the death of the dog. Specifically, Division Chief Carvana Cloud revealed in a statement that the Animal Cruelty Division of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office has partnered with the Animal Cruelty Taskforce to review the troubling case.

Cloud noted to People:

“After law enforcement concludes their investigation, we will review their findings and make an appropriate decision based on the applicable law and facts. At this time, no charges have been filed and our office will not make any charging decisions until the investigation is complete.”

We’re glad to hear this!!

In a recent letter by Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana to United Airlines President J. Scott Kirby, it was cited that “18 of the 24 animals who died in major U.S. airlines’ care last year were in the care of United.” Smh.

He continued:

“This pattern of animal deaths and injuries is simply inexcusable. For many people, pets are members of the family. They should not be treated like insignificant cargo. Frankly, they shouldn’t be placed in the cargo hold much less an overhead bin.”

Hear! Hear!

United Airlines spokesperson Maggie Schmerin previously shared that the airline takes full responsibility for the “tragic accident” and, in order to avoid further incidents, “will issue bright colored bag tags to customers traveling with in-cabin pets.”

Kokito’s death wasn’t the only pet related snafu the company faced this month. On Tuesday, a family who recently moved to Kansas learned their dog, a German Shepherd named Irgo, was flown to JAPAN instead of their new home state. Good lord.

Clearly, United needs to get their shit together.

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Mar 15, 2018 12:43pm PDT

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