Eddie Murphy Is ‘Not Interested’ In Daughter With Mel B — Even Amid The Spice Girls Alum’s Messy Custody Battle With Ex Stephen Belafonte!

eddie murphy no interest daughter angel

Our hearts just break for Mel B‘s 10-year-old Angel.

Not only is the youngster caught in the middle of a messy custody battle between her momma and ex stepfather, but it’s now said that Angel’s biological father, Eddie Murphy, has no interest in getting to know her. So sad.

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As we previously reported, the Spice Girls alum is currently facing off against Stephen Belafonte in court to block him from gaining visitation of the daughter she shares with the A-list actor. Although Mel has hit Belafonte with claims of inappropriate behavior with the girls, the 42-year-old has defended that he is owed visitation since he’s been in Angel’s life since she was a newborn.

Here’s where Murphy comes in…

As you surely recall, Angel’s birth was riddled with scandal, as Murphy demanded a paternity test following her arrival into the world. Ultimately, it was ruled that Eddie is Angel’s real father, but the father-daughter duo stayed pretty estranged. In fact, Stephen has stated that the youth has “called [him] dad since she started to talk.”

Furthermore, per Belafonte’s camp, the Saturday Night Live alum’s legal team has made it abundantly clear that Murphy is “not interested” in Angel’s life. Ice cold.

Stephen’s attorney, Grace Jamra added:

“Mr. Murphy has had no contact with the child.”

Apparently, Jamra and co. have tried reaching out to Murphy regarding the step-parent visitation request. However, it appears that the 56-year-old is trying to stay away from the legal battle, as he’s been “avoiding service.” SMH.

According to Daily Mail, the divorced twosome also butted heads over money for repairs for their home. Supposedly, the America’s Got Talent judge has been dragging her feet to pay Belafonte the $20,000 he needs to repair the home to make it ready to sell. Thus, Judge Mark Juhas ordered Mel to pay $10,000, as Stephen already put his own $10,000 toward the house.

Damn. These two certainly know how to butt heads.

We’re thinking of Mel’s kids during this tense time.

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Mar 15, 2018 8:22am PDT

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