This GOP Lawmaker Actually Thinks High School Students SHOULD Bring Guns To School!

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We swear, this is not a parody! Some Republicans are really just this daft!

During the National Walkout Day on Wednesday, Ohio state Representative Niraj Antani seemed to one-up Donald Trump‘s NRA-friendly plan to arm teachers by tweeting in response to his political opponent:

And then, shockingly:

As crazy as it is to combat school shootings by putting MORE guns in schools, putting more in the hands of students makes that look downright lucid.

We mean, how would other students know there wasn’t about to be a shooting at any given moment? What if they see a gun and just start shooting one another?

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What if there IS a school shooting, and the police come and see multiple kids with rifles??

Antani later told the Dayton Daily News he isn’t advocating for students to carry guns, he’s just defending their legal right to do so:

“The law is anybody above 21 can have a handgun and anybody above 18 can have a long gun, and so anyone who complies with the law should be able to carry and protect themselves. If you look at what happened many decades ago, people brought their firearms to school. They kept them in their cars, maybe, but there was not a problem.”

The more guns, the safer we’ll be.

Forget an A rating, this guy is going for NRA valedictorian!

He must be feeling heat from his constituency though, as he tweeted on Friday:

No, we think it’s clear. He’s not *advocating* for students to carry guns, just saying they **can** and if they ***do***, everyone will be safer.

Got it, R-42 voters??

[Image via NBC.]

Mar 16, 2018 7:34pm PST

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