Oops!!! American Idol Contestant Tells Katy Perry His Favorite Singer Is… Taylor Swift!

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Definitely not the best way to make a first impression on the American Idol judges!

As the show was cycling through dozens of hopefuls during Sunday night’s episode on ABC, one contestant stepped up to the mic and was asked by judge Luke Bryan about his singer/songwriter inspiration.

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Without reading the room — or, maybe, reading the room and deciding to do it anyways — the poor guy blurted out his answer: Taylor Swift.

*Record scratch*

*All cameras turn to Katy Perry*


It has been long reported that Perry and Swift are in various stages of feuding with each other, so this definitely was an awkward moment for Katy, now an Idol judge alongside Bryan and Lionel Richie. But she took it in stride!!!

Watch the VERY awkward and viral moment play out on video (below):

HA!!! Too funny!!!

Good for Katy for taking the high road — and taking it all in stride — but that was pretty good!

Oh, and if you missed Idol last night, you’ve got another chance to catch a new episode tonight! It airs every Sunday and Monday at 8:00 p.m. ET on ABC.

[Image via YouTube/ABC.]

Mar 19, 2018 11:23am PDT

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