Britney Spears’ Dad Goes IN On Kevin Federline Over Child Support Negotiations!

britney spears dad unmoved kfed child support plea

Jamie Spears isn’t here for Kevin Federline‘s child support woes.

As we previously reported, Britney Spears‘ baby daddy has requested an increase in his $20K a month child support stipend. While it’s said that Godney isn’t THRILLED at the request, she’s letting her poppa negotiate a deal with KFed.

And it appears that negotiations are well under way, though Mr. Spears is NOT impressed with his former son-in-law!

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Reportedly, Jamie is super upset at Kevin’s request, as he believes that the ex backup dancer is just trying to leech off Britney’s success. Well, it doesn’t take flesh-and-blood to see that. LOLz!

According to TMZ sources, the 39-year-old recently called Jamie and revealed that he was in a financial bind. Of course, following the request for more money, Spears pressed Federline about where the rest of his money goes. However, the California native stayed tight lipped.

Spears and Federline’s lawyer then sat down to further discuss the issue. During the meeting, Kevin’s attorney defended that as Britney’s boys (Sean and Jayden) have gotten older, their father needs more funds to support them. Understandably, Jamie pressed Kevin again to get specific about HOW the money was being spent.

Sadly, Kevin’s camp didn’t offer up any specifics, but did note that the father of six needed more cash to take care of the kiddos on a Britney level. This defense didn’t sit well with Jamie, as he clapped back that the Toxic singer hasn’t changed her parenting style.

In response, KFed’s legal counsel brought up Britney’s Sin City success, where she has had countless sold out residency shows. Kevin feels his ex wife should increase his stipend so that he can give the boys the life they’re used to when they’re with their mother. Jamie was unmoved by this plea, as he felt Kevin was trying to manipulate the situation so that the pop sensation was paying for his other children.

The negotiations are clearly off to a rough start, especially since it’s believed that Federline and his attorney never named a specific sum and couldn’t prove the children had unmet needs. Intense stuff.

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Mar 19, 2018 9:15am PDT

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