Jim Carrey Called ‘Sexist BULLY’ By Mike Huckabee Over Political Cartoon Of Sarah Huckabee Sanders — See The Feud Ignite!

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If you don’t follow Jim Carrey on Twitter, you may be surprised by… well, everything in this story!

The Dumb And Dumber star has gotten quite political over the past couple years (haven’t we all??) and has recently taken to expressing his feelings about figures like Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, and Marco Rubio with colorful cartoons (above).

On Sunday, he tweeted out a caricature of White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, along with a message calling out the chasm between her actions and her proclaimed religious beliefs.

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Conservatives got up in arms about it, calling Carrey “anti-Christian” but none got angrier than Sarah’s poppa — Mike Huckabee — who lashed out at the comedian as “pathetic” and “sexist” over the art.

See the drawing and a father’s rage (below)!

Um, it’s pretty clear the point is not attacking Christianity but rather Sarah’s apparent willingness to throw away the basic tenets of truthfulness.

Her job always seems like it’s telling lies to protect a rich criminal. It ain’t exactly pious.

As for “sexist” well, unlike Sarah’s boss, it doesn’t seem like Carrey is singling out women to attack more harshly…

What do YOU think of Carrey’s drawing??

[Image via Annalisa Flori/Rainmaker Photo/Media Punch/Twitter/YouTube.]

Mar 19, 2018 2:06pm PDT

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