Logan Paul Gets A Twitch Account & Users Are Flipping The Twitch OUT On Twitter!

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Live streaming video subscribers can’t be choosers, but most of the Twitch.tv population is advocating to keep their precious platform clean of one toxic entity.

That would be none other than Logan Paul, who decided to join the website because apparently ruining YouTube just wasn’t enough for him.

The controversial vlogger racked up 100,000 followers just a few hours after joining Twitch, sparking strong opposition from avid users who don’t want him polluting their streaming paradise with his Logan Paul-ness.

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Some users even tweeted to the service in hopes of banning the 22-year-old from the site due to his “suicide forest” video that nearly got him thrown off YT earlier this year.

Although the hate is strong, Logan is a vlogging force to be reckoned with — and we’re sure Twitch would gladly have his millions of followers migrate to the site with him.

Ch-ch-check out some reactions (below) to see just how upset Twitch users are at the threat of Logan taking over the site.

What do YOU think about it??

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Mar 19, 2018 10:19am PDT

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