Aubrey O’Day’s Social Media Had Signs Of Donald Trump Jr. Affair ALL Over It — Are Those Really HIS Feet??

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The proof was in the pudding!

As we EXCLUSIVELY reported, married Donald Trump Jr. and Aubrey O’Day had an affair after they met on the set of Celebrity Apprentice.

According to US Weekly, the “relationship” between Donald Trump‘s son and the former Danity Kane group member ended in March 2012 when his wife Vanessa discovered an email chain between the two.

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On Wednesday, Buzzfeed did a thorough investigation of the singer’s social media accounts during this time frame, and found what appears to be even MORE evidence of their hookup!

In November 2011, O’Day wrote on Twitter that a certain someone filled her room with white lilies, revealing:

“Woke up in a room filled wall to wall with my fav flower, white lilies… U gave me a garden of love baby. We r forever floating on clouds!”

The next month, the singer had doubts if her guy “will still love [her] when he’s free.” Free as in married?? She wrote:

“Will he still love me when he’s free? … or will he go back to the place where he will choose the poison over me…”

“Poison” as in… wife Vanessa Trump??

In March 2012, the same month they reportedly called it quits, Aubrey posted the (below) photo of her and her babe’s feet. Don Jr…. is that you??

In May 2012, two months after they reportedly broke up, the girl group member said all she wanted to do all day was text and call her “man.”

“u know u got it bad when all u wanna do is spend the day texting wits w ur man and then talking on the phone w him for hours at night.”

That same month, she said she was going to “get back in bed w my babe” presumably at the “Trump” International Hotel and Tower in New York.

“Heading 2 my fav sushi spot n the city w my ny bff, then sprinting 2 the Trump 2 get back in bed w my babe.. or maybe ill just stay in bed.”

She also said in a different tweet that she has “so many hommies at the trump.”

When asked about her mystery guy, she replied “he likes us to remain private.”

In June 2012, O’Day posted the following tweet hinting at trouble in her relationship:

“I hope u still stalk my tweets and remember how much u loved me, and hate how weak you were to not fight for us. I know u, they never will.”

In October 2012, she slammed Donald Trump regarding his views on marriage:

“Ted Bundy’s lecturing on feminism… no wait, it’s just Trump talking morality of marriage.”

As we reported, in 2013, O’Day released a song called DJT from her album, Between Two Evils.

The clues were there, y’all!

[Image via Nicky Nelson/WENN.]

Mar 21, 2018 6:56pm PDT

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