Disney Officially Replaced The Most Controversial Scene From Pirates Of The Caribbean — Watch The NEW Auction HERE!

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Disney has officially replaced its biggest Pirates of the Caribbean controversy — no, not Johnny Depp

We’re speaking of the ride’s infamous auction, in which pirates bid on “the redhead” and other women under a banner reading, “Auction, Take a wench for a bride.”

We told you last summer about the plans for the potential makeover, but now you can see it in the animatronic flesh.

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Orlando’s Disney World Resort was the first to replace the ride’s implied sex slave trade set piece, with the famous redhead becoming a pirate herself, named Redd!

Anaheim’s Disneyland will undergo the same change during its scheduled maintenance starting April 23.

See the full ride, with the auction beginning at about 2:14 (below)!

We dig Redd’s look!

In fact… someone call Jessica Chastain, because we suddenly see a new direction for Pirates 6

Oh, and just for old times’ sake:

[Image via Disney.]

Mar 22, 2018 2:42pm PDT

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