Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer Tweets Out Cryptic Photo Tease — Is It The Dreaded Trump Dick Pic??

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If this whole law thing doesn’t work out, Stormy Daniels‘ attorney has a whole other career to fall back on.

We mean, besides as a Tag Heuer model.

Michael Avenatti is fully equipped to be a professional hype man, as much as he’s been amping up interest in this Sunday’s 60 Minutes, in which Donald Trump‘s alleged mistress will finally tell her story to the American people.

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Earlier Avenatti teased a reveal of physical threats in the upcoming interview with Anderson Cooper — now he’s teasing photographic evidence??

He posted to Twitter Thursday night:

Um… is that what we worry it is?

It’s a disk, so it could be a number of things, but he did say “picture.” So our money is on multiple photos of Trump and Stormy together.

Now could we be looking down the barrel of a naked Trump pic?? *shudder*

Avenatti did debunk one theory:

We’ll tell you this. We are going to be watching that interview, and we’ll let you know EXACTLY what this is!

[Image via CNN/Twitter/Myspace.]

Mar 23, 2018 1:40pm PDT

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