Lea Michele Responds To The Crazy Internet Theory That She Can’t Read Or Write!

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Lea Michele is laughing off the conspiracy theory that she’s secretly illiterate.

The bizarre rumor took off this week after superfans Jaye Hunt and Robert Ackerman filmed a Facebook Live video dispensing hard evidence that the Glee alum never learned how to read because she was too busy “being famous.”

Complete with a powerpoint presentation, the fans explained that Lea only had “to learn, like, four words” for her role in Ragtime, and later “fully memorized” her part for Spring Awakening.

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By the time she starred on Glee, they postulated, Ryan Murphy kept Miz Michele’s illiteracy secret and helped her learn all of her lines.

As for what sparked this crackpot theory? The fact that the 31-year-old has never responded to the shady shit written about her in Naya Rivera‘s memoir! Ha!

The diva took to Twitter on Thursday to set the record straight by responding directly to a fan (which takes skill in reading AND writing), sharing:

Phew, she CAN read! Unless… unless she got someone else to write that tweet for her…

Murphy, is that you!?

Watch the wackadoo video (below) that spawned the crazy theory!

[Image via Facebook/Media Punch.]

Mar 23, 2018 2:34pm PDT

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