Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett Spotted WITHOUT Wedding Rings — Following The Girls Next Door Alum’s Social Media Breakdown

kendra wilkinson ig breakdown

Things are NOT looking good for Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett‘s marriage.

According to recent reports, the twosome have been seen without their wedding rings — and have been sans wedding bands “for a while now.” Uh oh.

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As we previously reported, at the end of February, the Girls Next Door alum confirmed that she and her longtime love were struggling with “marital problems.” While it’s been said that the pair’s recent estrangement isn’t about cheating, they’ve allegedly “always had issues.”

Thus, it’s not a great sign that both Kendra and Hank have chosen to stop wearing their wedding rings. Most recently, the Basketts attended son Hank IV‘s soccer game in Los Angeles and were without bling. This is especially a big deal for Mr. Baskett, as in the past, he rarely stepped out without his.

When asked if divorce was on the horizon for these two, a source spilled to People:

“I would think so. I wouldn’t say it’s happening yet, but it’s not good.”

Eek. Still, we doubt Kendra and Hank are rushing to break up their family. In addition to Hank IV, the reality TV vets share daughter Alijah Mary.

The Kendra On Top star furthered teased emotional distress at home as, on Sunday, she took to her Instagram story and shared:

“Pray for Kdub lmao. Life isn’t making any sense to me right now, sorry I’ve been MIA… How much strength does it take to be strong? I try so hard to be good enough, but never good enough. Therapy is for the birds.”

kendra wilkinson hard time ig story

And Kendra didn’t stop there, as in a series of additional posts, Wilkinson announced that she needs “to love [her]self again” as “life is too precious.” She also mentioned that she’s struggling with being “labeled” as “Playboy party girl, “Bad mom,” “D list celebrity,” “Crazy,” and “Always wrong.”

Kendra further opened up, as she revealed:

“Sometimes a hug is all I need but i guess I’m covered in thorns.”

Intense stuff. The 32-year-old concluded her morose uploading session by reminding herself that “tomorrow is a new day” and promised that she “will smile.”

She’s since taken to IG again, to share a more positive update:

kendra wlikinson update after breakdown

Did anyone else notice her ring was MIA in this snap?? Hmmmm.

We’re really hoping things turn around for Hugh Hefner‘s former flame. We hate seeing her this upset.

Stay strong, bb!!

[Image via Instagram.]

Mar 27, 2018 8:24am PDT

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