The Vanderpump Rules Gang Are At Each Other’s Throats Once Again! Recap HERE!

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The Vanderpump Rules gang doesn’t seem very fun to travel with.

Despite being in Mexico for Jax Taylor‘s birthday, the group didn’t appear to have a good time as they were too busy butting heads over a variety of topics. Monday night’s episode picked up where Bravo viewers left off with Lisa Vanderpump‘s current (and former) SURvers bickering about relationships, both romantic and platonic ones.

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For starters, Stassi Schroeder proved once again she has a biting tongue, essentially calling her bestie Kristen Doute an emotional terrorist during vacations. Specifically, Stassi said sharing a space with Kristen was “like having a member of ISIS in your hotel room.” Damnnnnnn.

Apparently, Kristen had an off camera meltdown during the getaway. To be fair, Doute owned her issues and confessed that “traveling freaks [her] brain out.” She also admitted to using “xanax or edibles” to combat her anxiety.

Schroeder defended her harsh stance by bringing up a disastrous trip to Copenhagen, where Kristen’s friends ultimately abandoned her to go to Paris. Sad.

Of course, Stassi and Kristen weren’t the only ones having issues during the vacay. Jax FINALLY confronted Scheana Marie for trying to set up girlfriend Brittany Cartwright with their hot coworker, Adam Spott. Scheana didn’t feel badly about the set up, especially since Jax had recently cheated on Brittany.

The former Mrs. Shay explained that the date was meant to be a “confidence boost,” and added:

“I wanted to arrange a night for Brittany to let loose and have fun and just to know that there is a life possible without you.”

Not to mention, it also served as Scheana’s revenge for Jax telling people boyfriend Rob Valletta didn’t love her. Two birds, one stone, right girl??

Jax clearly wasn’t thrilled at the shady move, as he snarled at his lady:

“If you wanted to leave me, you would have left a long time ago.”

Wowwww. That’s one way to keep a girlfriend.

Now the most bizarre moment from the episode was teased ahead of VPR airing. We’re OBVIOUSLY talking about Lala Kent‘s baby bottle. If you missed our preview coverage, here’s the moment once more…

Too funny.

Be sure to catch more Vanderpump Rules drama when it airs on Bravo on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

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Mar 27, 2018 12:07pm PST

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