Here’s How Coachella Plans To Keep Attendees Safe In Case Of An Emergency!

coachella safety plans report

The Coachella music festival is dedicated to keeping its attendees safe.

After the tragedy at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival, where 58 people died and 851 others were injured following a mass shooting, the California-based event has prepared itself for a similar attack. Intense stuff.

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According to TMZ, law enforcement for Coachella has been thoroughly trained to take down any violent concertgoers and is determined to keep other guests safe. If something unexpected like a shooting occurs, first responder teams will be manned and ready with tourniquets and other medical equipment in hand. This strategy is meant to prevent massive blood loss among the hypothetically injured guests.

Not to mention, in addition to the cops and security guards trained with knowledge of the land, the festival will utilize drones to watch out for any suspicious persons or items. As always, metal detectors and pat downs will be stationed at the entrance of Coachella. It’s said the event’s motto is:

“See something, say something.”

We’re happy Coachella is taking such lengthy measures to protect its guests, especially after the tragedies in Vegas, Manchester, Austin, etc. Stay safe, everyone!

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Mar 28, 2018 11:30am PST

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