Kimye Going Broke!? Kim Kardashian Reportedly ‘Freaking Out’ Over Kanye West’s Insane Spending Habits!

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Now we ain’t sayin he a gold digger, but Kanye West is apparently spending his and Kim Kardashian West‘s money like it’s still 2014 — and Kimmy Cakes is reportedly “freaking out” about it!

A source revealed to that tension is building between the KUWTK star and her husband over the rapper’s frivolous lifestyle, reportedly sending the family’s finances down the toilet.

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Per the insider, Yeezy regularly drops large chunks of dough for his business and “personal extravagences,” including private jets, overpriced bling, gifts for his entourage, and art purchases.

In the past, Kimmy has gloated about Kanye’s lofty spending habits — she’s gushed over his tendency to send her “mood boards” of sunglasses and furniture he wants to buy — but, the thing is, their household income apparently isn’t what it used to be.

While Kanye insisted that money is no object, the insider revealed:

“That’s the attitude that got him into debt not so long ago and neither he nor Kim are pulling in anything like what they used to.”

Let’s not forget about the three mouths they have to feed, groom, and media train!

The source added:

“She’s scared to death he’ll drag her down with him because their finances are so intertwined.”

Wow. Is Kimye’s mighty empire about to fall? Will Kanye West actually be Kim Kardashian’s undoing? Will they take out a loan from the bank of Kylie Jenner?

So many questions!

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Mar 28, 2018 1:41pm PDT

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