Stephen Belafonte Accuses Mel B Of Brainwashing Their Daughter — DEMANDS The Child Head To Therapy!

stephen belafonte mel b brainwashing claims

Stephen Belafonte and Mel B‘s custody war just keeps getting messier.

According to reports, the Los Angeles native has requested a judge to order his six-year-old with the Spice Girls alum into therapy. Why?? Well, apparently, the film producer believes the America’s Got Talent judge has been poisoning Madison‘s mind against him.

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Per TMZ, Belafonte claims Mel has filled their daughter’s head with outrageous allegations, including an accusation that Stephen was abusive towards Madison’s sister Angel. As you surely know, the 42-year-old is fighting for visitation rights with his stepdaughter, who is Eddie Murphy‘s biological daughter.

Stephen also condemned the letter allegedly written by 10-year-old Angel, which detailed physical and emotional abuse the youngster witnessed. While Mel B’s momma claimed the child wrote the note, Belafonte is CONVINCED that his ex wrote it. In an attempt to prove his claim, Stephen said it is his former flame’s M.O. to alienate her children from their fathers.

Allegedly, during their marriage, Stephen witnessed Mel devise a plan to keep oldest daughter Phoenix away from her biological father.

Belafonte also addressed his baby momma’s allegation that he gave Madison medicine that made her throw up. He noted that he did no such thing, as he only gave the little one Children’s Tylenol.

While Stephen may have no parenting rights over Angel or Madison, he wants to protect Madison from all of the acrimony. Thus, he feels therapy is the only solution.

Hmmmm, we’re certainly curious to see how this whole thing plays out. Stay tuned!

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Mar 28, 2018 10:20am PDT

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