Woman Becomes First Person To Go To Jail For Racism In South Africa

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On Wednesday, for the first time in South African history, a woman was sentenced to up to three years in prison for making racist comments.

In February 2016 in Johannesburg, Vicki Momberg (pictured above) was caught on tape referring to black police officers as “kaffirs,” a derogatory term for black South Africans that was used during apartheid.

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When authorities responded to her call of a reported robbery, she told someone on the phone:

“The kaffirs here in Joburg are terrible… I’m so sick of it. I really am.”

When she was approached by an officer, she yelled:

“I don’t care. I do not like a single black in Joburg.”

Momberg then said black South Africans in Durban are “opinionated, they’re arrogant, and they’re just plain-and-simple useless.”

She then told an officer:

“I am happy for a white person to assist me, or a colored person, or an Indian person. I do not want a black person to assist me.”

The confrontation reached a high when she threatened:

“If I see a kaffir, I will drive him over… I have a gun ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ I will shoot everybody.”

When she was charged with a similar crime in 2006, she allegedly said at a police station that she only wanted to be assisted by white, colored, or Indian people, but not by black people, according to state prosecutor Baba Yusuf during last year’s trial.

Last November, Momberg was convicted of four counts of “crimen injuria,” or the use of racially offensive language.

Immediately after her sentencing, social media users applauded the ruling on Twitter. See the best reactions (below):

[Image via South African Broadcasting Corporation/YouTube.]

Mar 28, 2018 10:11pm PDT

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