Ben Affleck Brilliantly Responds To The New Yorker‘s Shitty Decision To Body-Shame Him!

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Shame on The New Yorker — but good on Ben Affleck for calling them out with grace and class… and a little humor!

The publication ran a piece earlier this week that was very heavily critical of the actor’s current physique and body weight, noting both his “gut pooching outward” and his tattoos.

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And while Twitter users were quick to point out how unbelievably mean-spirited the piece was, Affleck himself decided to call out the irresponsible and frankly unnecessary journalism in a very different way.

Look at his little message for the New Yorker that came through on Thursday morning (below):


You can read the horribly hurtful New Yorker piece HERE, but don’t bother — Affleck’s response is far better and far more all-encompassing.

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BTW… you can criticize movies, or TV shows, or fashion choices, or career moves, but STOP ALL THE BODY SHAMING!!!!!

For real!!

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Mar 29, 2018 1:48pm PDT

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