Ha! Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Has Been Shading Donald Trump On Twitter!

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Kellyanne Conway has talked down an army of Donald Trump critics with her conversational voodoo — but will she be able to take on her own husband?

She might have to, because George Conway has NOT been holding back his opinions on the President lately!

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The conservative lawyer, who was once considered being nominated as Trump’s solicitor general, deleted several tweets this week that shaded his wife’s boss for his inability to tell the truth and embarrassing staff shake-ups.

In the shadiest of these now-deleted tweets, Conway called Trump’s denials of reports that turned out to be true “absurd,” sarcastically quipping it’s the reason why “people are banging on the doors to be his communications director.”

See for yourself:

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Ouch. This was definitely a nod to Hope Hicks abandoning the post, and possibly a plea for his wife, who is being considered to take over, to not replace her.

Conway also deleted a retweet from former associate counsel in Obama‘s White House, who blasted Trump’s move to make White House officials sign NDAs:

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The father of four did leave up a salty reply to a New York Times report about Trump’s lawyer discussing pardons with attorneys to the President’s former aides, which he called “flabbergasting”:

Glad he’s not bottling up those thoughts anymore! Keep em coming, Georgie!

[Image via Twitter.]

Mar 29, 2018 6:40pm PDT

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