Groupon Is Really Sorry About Using The N-Word On Its Website!

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Get 100% of your shit together, Groupon!!!!

The company issued an apology on Wednesday after a racial slur was used on its website to describe the color of women’s boots.

Twitter user CJ James shared screenshots of the description on social media, showing the N-word had been used to describe the brown color of Women’s Fringed Suede Moccasin Boots. Other boots on the site were reportedly described with the same term.

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Needless to say, Twitter users weren’t standing for the offensive wording. Many are even expressing their outrage by boycotting the company with the hashtag #ShutdownGroupon.

Like clockwork, Groupon’s VP of Global Communications Bill Roberts had issued an apology, saying the company was “appalled” by the description written by “a third-party seller.”

He said in a statement to Cosmopolitan:

“We are appalled that this language was displayed on our site. This product description was provided by a third-party seller via our self-service platform. Regardless, this is completely unacceptable and violates our policies — to say nothing of our values.”

The statement went on to say that Groupon cut ties with the vendor and is strengthening its service to make sure no more slurs wind up on the site. He continued:

“When made aware of the issue, we immediately removed the deal — as well as the third-party seller — from our marketplace. Language like this has no place on Groupon, and we’re further strengthening our self-service controls to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”

Huh. You’d think they’d already have a system like that in place…

Mar 29, 2018 12:11am PDT

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