‘Massive Issues For Years’: More Details Behind Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett’s Split

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What exactly were the “marital problems” that led to the impending end of Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett‘s nine year marriage?

We’ve been curious if there was some new breach of trust, but this may be a much older schism.

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An E! News source seems to think the union was doomed from the start — because the decision to wed was made in haste!

“Everything came really quickly for Kendra in the beginning, the show, marrying Hank, the kids. It all happened really fast for her. Through the years she really tried to make it work with Hank but at this point there’s really no coming back from this latest divide.”

This insider is sure Hank’s infamous 2014 cheating scandal is not to blame for the split. It can’t have helped though, right? The source says:

“He’s actually a great dad and has been getting a bad rap lately. He always let Kendra do whatever she wanted and was always supportive of her career choices.”

This source thinks that might have been the wrong call, for the marriage at least.

Kendra worked for months in Las Vegas on her stage show, Sex Tips For Straight Women From A Gay Man, keeping her away from home; and that caused its own problems:

“Meanwhile, Kendra worked and he was at home taking care of the kids. He’s a really good dad. He thought letting Kendra do the Las Vegas gig would make her happy, but ultimately it’s drawn them farther apart. They’ve had massive issues for years and everything is just coming to a head now.”

Speaking of “coming to a head” another source tells E! News Kendra the divorce is happening imminently:

“Kendra has met with lawyers and is proceeding with the divorce. It is happening very soon.

Things have gotten very bad between her and Hank and she has lost all trust. She wants things to be very amicable and graceful for the sake of their kids, but also wants things to happen very fast.”

Wasn’t everything happening too fast what caused these problems in the first place? Hmm…

Were Kendra and Hank always doomed to fail? What do YOU think??

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Mar 29, 2018 2:04pm PST

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