Mel B Defends Daughter Angel’s Relationship With Biological Father Eddie Murphy Amid Stephen Belafonte Custody War!

mel b defends that eddie murphy is involved daughters life

Move over, Stephen Belafonte! Eddie Murphy‘s in the picture now!!

Mel B isn’t trying to keep 10-year-old daughter Angel away from her ex out of revenge. Rather, Belafonte doesn’t need to be in the youngster’s life as the kid’s biological father is very involved these days. Or, at least, this is the claim the Spice Girls alum is now making.

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As you surely know, the America’s Got Talent judge has been at war with her ex-husband over visitation with young Angel. While Stephen isn’t related to Miz Murphy Brown, he was a father figure in her life, especially during the time Eddie didn’t recognize Angel as a child of his.

According to new legal documents, which were obtained by TMZ, Mel claims that Stephen previously tried to cause a wedge between herself and the Saturday Night Live alum. Allegedly, the film producer once took her phone and sent texts to Eddie’s assistant, messages which caused the A-lister to cancel his visit with Angel.

The British songstress also clapped back at Stephen’s defense that Eddie wants nothing to do with Angel. She made sure to highlight that the 56-year-old comedian has interacted with his daughter on SEVERAL occasions. Apparently, since Stephen’s been out of the picture, Mel has made an effort to resurrect a cordial relationship with her baby daddy.

And Angel is quite taken with her bio dad. Not only did Mr. Murphy secure Angel’s first cellphone, but the little one also named one of her dogs Axel, after Eddie’s character in Beverly Hills Cop. Mel further shared that Angel has also put up pictures from the Shrek premiere on her bedroom wall.

Awwwwww. Although Angel is doing well right now, Mel has stated that her daughter is terrified of her former stepfather. Yikes.

Since the 42-year-old has stated that he has a deep bond with Angel, we’re certain he’ll hit back at Mel’s latest legal move. Be sure to check back for any additional details from this dramatic custody war!

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Mar 29, 2018 5:16pm PDT

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