Chris Brown Responds To Those Pics Of Him Choking A Woman: ‘Thanks For All The Publicity Today’

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Chris Brown still doesn’t get it, does he?

Just on Thursday, disturbing pictures surfaced showing the star with his hands around a woman’s neck, apparently playfully? choking her while another person attempted to intervene.

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And now on Friday, Breezy is denying everything, claiming it wasn’t what it seemed … but it’s how he decided to make the denial that is really disturbing.

Brown took to his Instagram account late last night to react to the shock of those pictures, claiming there was no foul play, and — get this — thanking those concerned “for all the publicity.”


Here’s his denial and response in full (below):

No foul play, and no ignorant shit…

Considering he shares this message in the same breath as he tries to sell tour tickets… we’re calling bullshit on that one.

With his history on the subject of domestic violence, maybe a bit of maturity and perspective would be in order here.

Is that too much to ask???

[Image via WENN.]

Mar 30, 2018 11:14am PDT

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