Corey Feldman’s Drug Test Comes Back Negative Following Stabbing Confusion — As The Actor Shares A Pic Of His Wound!

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The curious case of Corey Feldman‘s minor stab wound continues.

According to the actor’s bodyguard, tests that the hospital ran after Corey came in claiming he’d been stabbed in the abdomen Tuesday night have come back clear of any hard drugs or infectious diseases. Jeff V. — who was with the 46-year-old when he was attacked on the freeway — told TMZ that the urine and blood sample came back negative.

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Law enforcement sources also say that doctors didn’t find anything odd about the scratch around Corey’s abdomen, which the actor claims is from the sharp object he felt slightly penetrate his skin, drawing a tiny bit of blood, during the random attack. Corey believes he was stabbed with the tip of a knife or syringe, but doctors didn’t find any evidence of a puncture from a needle or blade.

Police weren’t able to track down any surveillance footage of the incident, and the swabs they’ve taken from the actor’s car for potential DNA have led to zero leads. So, it looks like it will take a while for officials to figure out what happened — if at all.

In the meantime, Corey shared a photo of his scar from “the world’s smallest knife wound… or?!?!” on his Instagram page. See what it looks like (below):

[Image via NBC.]

Mar 30, 2018 10:22am PDT

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