Jake Paul Is Developing A Late-Night Talk Show…

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Controversial YouTube star vlogger Jake Paul is developing a talk show in partnership with YouTube Red, according to media reports.

The highly charged douche-bro Internet star reportedly wants the show to have a late-night variety show feel, with the pilot set to be shot and released as early as May, according to reports.

Paul himself will host and executive produce.

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A YouTube spokeswoman spoke publicly at the end of the week about the project, confirming its existence and adding some important details about just how far along the talk show is (below):

“Last year, we engaged in early development deals with a handful of YouTube creators as part of our normal process to evaluate new creative ideas. There is no series order currently in place.”

Sounds… tepid?

(You can look that word up if you need to, Jake.)

Paul and his crew have had a bad go of it recently getting kicked off his cash-cow Disney show Bizaardvark, just as his brother Logan Paul was seriously reprimanded by YouTube after filming a dead body in a suicide forest in Japan and posting it online.

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They have a huge following of teenage girls that’ll probably follow Jake to the talk show, but beyond that… this thing is almost certainly going to flop.

If YouTube ever even picks it up after the pilot!!!

[Image via YouTube.]

Mar 31, 2018 11:22am PDT

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