Parkland Students Take To Twitter After Being Given Clear Backpacks Instead Of Gun Control!

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Congress can’t seem to get its head around passing the common sense gun safety laws approved by the majority of Americans (seriously, some polls have over 90% in favor of universal background checks!).

Instead, students have to deal with school safety “solutions” many consider to be, frankly, a joke.

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School passed out clear backpacks to its students on Monday, leading many to unleash their frustration with the half-measure on Twitter.

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Some were earnest, some sarcastic. Multiple students pointed out their new procedures essentially turned their school into an airport check-in.

Many students decorated their bags with the $1.05 price tags from the March For Our Lives — that’s the amount they’ve calculated Florida Senator Marco Rubio gets from the NRA for each student enrolled in his state.

See the best responses from the kids who apparently understand this fight better than our government (below):

The longest condemnation of the plan came from freshman Holden Kasky, the autistic little brother of #NeverAgain movement leader Cameron Kasky, who wrote an open letter to the school superintendent:

[Image via Twitter.]

Apr 2, 2018 3:43pm PST

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