VOTE: Do YOU Think Trump Colluded With The Russians??

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It seems every week we learn about more links between Donald Trump and the Russian government.

Just look at what’s out in the open — we know for sure Russia interfered with our election. Every intelligence agency in the U.S. and the rest of the world has confirmed it. The only ones denying it are Vladimir Putin and Trump, who says he believes him.

Trump even congratulated Putin on his sham election and reportedly invited him to the White House after our own Treasury Department said Russia was currently hacking our power grid — a dangerous cyber attack!

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So we were surprised when the administration finally reacted and kicked 60 Russian diplomats (some of whom were known to be undercover intelligence operatives) out of the country. Trump still hadn’t said a word against Russia for acting against us, but at least the government was responding… right?

But then Russian state media made the claim that a “White House senior staffer” told them they could just send 60 others to replace them. Um, what??

Crazy enough, the State Department actually confirmed it over the weekend! Russia was only forced to remove those diplomats, not the positions.

So essentially this did NOTHING. Like it was just for show.

We know Trump knows Russia tried to influence our election in his favor — and now he’s making Russia-friendly policy despite multiple reports of their transgressive actions against us and our allies, including a poison attack in England.

And that’s on top of THE MOUNTAIN OF OTHER EVIDENCE. Arrgh! It’s just too much!!

Look at it this way:

You don’t know if your man cheated. A gossip you only sorta know told you he did. But you don’t know if you can trust it.

What you DO know is there’s this girl who keeps sending your man nudes and sexy text messages. But your man is telling you he never saw any of those.

Meanwhile every time you see this girl out at friends’ parties, your man is really flirty with her. He only ever says good things about her when you bring her up.

Even after she threw a stroller at your BFF, he defends her.

So we have to ask… did your man cheat?

Tell us what YOU think (below)!

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Apr 3, 2018 9:01pm PDT

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