Emails Show Duffer Brothers Did NOT Rip Off Stranger Things!

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The Duffer Brothers have receipts!

TMZ has obtained emails from the Stranger Things co-creators showing they were developing a “Montauk” series as far back as November, 2010 — over three years before Charlie Kessler claims he pitched them a series based on his short film called Montauk.

As we’ve been reporting, the Matt and Ross Duffer are being sued by Kessler, who says he had a meeting with the brothers in 2014 and pitched a series involving government conspiracies and the paranormal — and was shocked when the Netflix series debuted two years later, seemingly ripping off his idea and story.

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Now, emails dating back to late 2010 have surfaced, revealing just how long the brothers had set out their vision of a “real,” “paranormal” “gritty eighties” show. One of the emails specifically states the show was set in Montauk, with a reference to “the Montauk experiments.”

But that’s not all. A Google document dated October 4, 2013 gave a clearer vision of the premise for what would become ST. It states:

“Benny [later to be renamed Will] leaves his friend Elliot’s house, a bunch of kids are there, eating pizza, dungeons and dragons … Benny leaves on bike, hears voices, goes into strange world, taken by some evil force.”

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Additional emails from February 27, 2014 and April 4, 2014 — still before the alleged meeting between the Duffers and Kessler — flush out more details for their vision of the show. The email states the series will be “set in 1980s Long Island” with “a vintage Stephen King feel.” The April email also mentions a location scout in Montauk.

The lawyer for the showrunners explained to the outlet:

“These documents prove that Mr. Kessler had absolutely nothing to do with the creation of ‘Stranger Things.’ The Duffer Brothers were developing their project years before he claims to have met them.”

Well, there you have it. The Duffers are crushing this controversy like a can of coke.

[Image via Netflix.]

Apr 6, 2018 10:59am PST

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