Twitter Did NOT Come To Play For Mark Zuckerberg’s Testimony — See All The Jokes!

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Mark Zuckerberg may be under attack by Congress — but it’s really the social media jabs that should having him shaking in his booster seat!

Twitter users are relentlessly roasting the Facebook CEO has he faces a two-day congressional inquisition following the discovery that data-mining firm Cambridge Analytica gathered personal information from 87 million users to try to influence elections.

The Internet was armed and ready to comment on Zuck’s questioning, with many poking fun at his robotic demeanor and the fact that he needed a booster seat to face his congressional interrogators.

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Other hecklers set their sights on congress, making fun of the fact that most of them are probably too old to understand how the social network works in the first place.

Ch-ch-check out some of the funniest Twitter reactions to Zuck’s testimony (below)!

And, of course, The Social Network references were made:


Ch-ch-check out a few serious reactions and moments from the inquisition (below):


[Image via CNN/Twitter.]

Apr 10, 2018 6:34pm PDT

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