Meghan Markle’s Psychic Predicted She’d End Up In London — BEFORE The Actress Even Met Prince Harry!

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Meghan Markle was destined to end up in the U.K.

Apparently, just before meeting her now fiancé Prince Harry, the Suits actress confided in psychic confidant Richard Win. During the last reading Win had with Miz Markle, he told the 36-year-old that the United Kingdom would play a BIG factor in her life.

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Per TMZ, Richard spilled to Meghan:

“I see you in London with a lot of British people.”

Oooh, how very telling. It’s said that Meghan responded:

“I love London … I love British people.”

Clearly, this is the case, as Markle is slated to wed her British prince on May 19.

Although, supposedly, Meghan was seeing someone else at the time of the reading. Regardless, the American divorc├â┬⌐e is convinced her engagement is fate, as she emailed Win after first getting together with Harry. While she didn’t name names, the industry vet informed Richard that she started seeing a British beau.

Now, before you get any ideas, Meghan is in no way a social climber. Win advocated for her character by claiming she is “highly intelligent,” “poised,” and “not hungry for fame.” Sounds like Harry’s nabbed himself a real prize!!

For more about Meghan’s reading, be sure to ch-ch-check out the Spilling Royal Tea podcast HERE!

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Apr 10, 2018 12:42pm PDT

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