Paris Hilton Really Wants To Do A Simple Life Reboot With Nicole Richie!

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Forget your Roseannes and Jersey Shore Family VacationsParis Hilton is thinking about rebooting The Simple Life!

The heiress took to Twitter on Monday asking her 18 million followers if they would be interested in seeing her return to the screen for a reboot of the *groundbreaking* reality series that made her and Nicole Richie household names.

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The poll, to which over 80 percent of takers said “yes” at the time of publishing, came just one day after the former besties were photographed together at The Daily Front Row Fashion Los Angeles Awards on Sunday.

The reunion photo sparked fans of the series to immediately start begging for a reunion, prompting Miz Hilton herself to raise the official question:

Only time will tell if a Simple Life reunion is actually in the cards, but the reunion already inspired Paris to take a walk down memory lane with her former bestie:

Tbh, possibilities are endless for a 2018 Simple Life: Paris and Nicole crash The Church of Scientology! Paris and Nicole join the Westboro Baptist Church! Paris and Nicole join the Trump Administration!

How could you not watch?

[Image via FOX/E!.]

Apr 10, 2018 11:36am PST

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