T.J. Miller Arrested For Allegedly Calling In False Bomb Report On Amtrak Passenger He Had An Argument With

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T.J. Miller is really making good on his promise to become Hollywood’s greatest villain.

The former Silicon Valley actor was arrested by FBI agents on Monday over an Amtrak bomb threat he reported last month.

According to authorities, the actor called 911 on March 18 while he was riding a train from Washington D.C. to New York City, claiming a woman with brown hair and a scarf “has a bomb in her bag.”

Amtrak officials eventually stopped the train, detrained the passengers, and had bomb squad members search the vessel — but detected no evidence of any explosive device or materials. It turns out Miller was on a different train, which was later inspected and also “found not to contain any explosive devices or materials,” per the report.

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After an Amtrak police official called Miller back, the actor insisted that the woman kept checking her bag and repeatedly asked the First Class attendant what the next stop was, seemingly wanting to get off the train and leave the bag behind.

When Amtrak officers interviewed a First Class attendant, however, they were told that Miller appeared intoxicated upon boarding the train and consumed multiple drinks on board.

The attendant did not back up Miller’s account of the woman’s suspicious behavior, but instead alleged that the actor had “exchanged profanity” with a woman in the First Class car — adding that Miller had consumed two glasses of wine and two double Scotch and sodas, and that he had been removed in New York due to his intoxication.

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The woman told police Miller was indeed being belligerent on the train and admits they had an argument after he made a comment about her hair. After speaking to all sides, police determined Miller called a false bomb threat as a result of the grudge he held against the woman.

The FBI docs say Miller’s false report caused 926 man hours worth of delays and disrupted several bomb squads in Connecticut and New York.

Miller appeared before a judge on Tuesday and was released on $100,000 bond. He faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

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Apr 10, 2018 2:27pm PDT

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