Alex Rodriguez Threatens To Cut Child Support Payments Amid Continued Legal War With Ex Wife’s Brother!

alex rodriguez cynthia scurtis child support threats

Sounds like Alex Rodriguez is causing his own baby momma drama right now.

On Wednesday, it was reported that the former New York Yankees star has threatened to cut the monthly child support payments to his ex wife, as he’s still wrapped up in a bitter feud with the 45-year-old’s brother. Oof.

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According to NY Daily News, Cynthia Scurtis told brother Constantine that the once great MLB vet threatened to downsize the monthly payments that benefit shared daughters Natasha and Ella. Apparently, this financial ultimatum is a play in A-Rod’s three year court battle with Constantine.

It’s said Rodriguez hoped this move would send a daunting message to his once brother-in-law. Reportedly, Cynthia lamented to Constantine in one text:

“I’m just trying to defend my child support situation … and it’s terrible… I have an email from (Rodriguez) telling me that he’s basically making me pay for not stopping you and (not) telling you that I hate you.”

Yikes. In case you forgot, in 2014, Mr. Scurtis filed an explosive civil lawsuit against Alex. The legal war has since accused the retired baseball pro of “fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, unjust enrichment, and civil conspiracy.” Supposedly, Constantine was forced out of the real estate company he founded with Alex after Cynthia’s marriage crumbled in ’08.

Talk about family drama. While it’s unclear how much Alex is required to pay, it appears that the threat to reduce payment is meant to intimidate the Scurtis family. Cynthia added:

“He’s totally out of control, but I share 2 kids with him so I try to keep e (sic) everything good for them.”

Lawyers from both sides refused to comment on the family feud. Although, A-Rod’s lawyers HAVE requested “all communications and documents exchanged between Constantine and Cynthia Scurtis which refer or relate to the Action.” As Alex has yet to sit for a deposition in this case, it’s uncertain if the two sides are eyeing a settlement.

Nonetheless, Cynthia wants this drama to end, as she concluded in an additional text:

“I hope it all ends soon. It’s revolting.”

Same, girl. Same.

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Apr 12, 2018 8:22am PDT

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