Chlo├â┬½ Grace Moretz’s Playlist Is Very Telling Amid Brooklyn Beckham Breakup!

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This is Chlo├â┬½ Grace Moretz‘s breakup song.

As we reported, Brooklyn Beckham was spotted swapping spit with Playboy model Lexi Wood over the weekend — which means things are (hopefully) definitely off between him and the 21-year-old actress are no longer an item.

And judging by the Kick-Ass star’s playlist — it seems like she’s moving on just fine!

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According to her Instagram, last week she was jamming out to Cardi B‘s song Be Careful, which serves as a warning to someone who cheats… and then today she was listening to Drake‘s new breakup anthem Nice For What.

This is especially interesting as Chloë took a screenshot at the time mark where this line begins:

“You ain’t stressin’ off no lover in the past tense. You already had them.”

See for yourself (below)!

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Keep slayin’!

[Image via WENN.]

Apr 12, 2018 6:17pm PDT

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