Did Trump Have An Illegitimate Child With A Maid?! Doorman’s Buried ‘Rumor’ Revealed!

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Does Donald Trump have a child he doesn’t acknowledge?? Besides Tiffany we mean.

In case you hadn’t heard, bombshell new reports have linked American Media Inc., The National Enquirer‘s parent company, to yet another catch-and-kill Trump story.

In addition to allegedly paying Playboy model Karen McDougal $150,000 for the exclusive rights to her story about a months-long affair with Trump — and then burying it — it’s now come to light they paid $30K to a former doorman at Trump World Tower who had a story about Trump siring an illegitimate child!

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$30K for just a rumor?? Must be pretty juicy.

Well, it turns out Dino Sajudin is now allowed to talk about it — and has been since the month after the election. Hmm…

CNN‘s Sonia Moghe got the scoop directly from Sajudin, who released the following statement:

Yet another affair, and this time with a housekeeper?

None of this is verified in any way, but who would pay so much money for a story they didn’t think had any merit? And we do know Stormy Daniels says that going bareback is Trump’s M.O.

Of course, what federal investigators are interested in is if any laws were violated to protect Trump’s presidential campaign.

But if Trump does turn out to have an illegitimate child who he disappeared, how will his base react?

What do YOU think??

Apr 12, 2018 6:35pm PDT

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